Our Products

handmade + vegan + organic ingredients

Everything we produce is handmade in small batches in Saint Paul, MN. All of our products are vegan, and we use organic ingredients when they are available.

R O S E   T O N E R

a hydrating and soothing facial toner for all skin types, featuring rosewater, rose oil, and rose quartz crystals

  • 100% plant-derived + vegan
  • excellent for all skin types including sensitive + acne-prone
  • alcohol free + gluten free

B U G   B A N I S H

a refreshing blend of herbal and floral essential oils, featuring lemon eucalyptus– said to be just as effective as its toxic counterpart DEET.

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • vegan
  • safe for ages 2 and up

G O D D E S S   bath salts

awaken your inner goddess with a luxurious soak in these natural salt blends. Each premium blend contains a mixture of dried florals, biodegradable glitter, pure essential oil blends, and natural salt crystals from all over the world.

Moon Goddess // Diana, with intoxicating jasmine
Love Goddess // Aphrodite, with enchanting rose
Queen Goddess // Isis, with empowering lotus

E L E M E N T S  room mists

earth // air // fire // water

E A R T H // a grounding blend featuring sage + patchouli

A I R // an uplifting blend featuring grapefruit + lemongrass

F I R E // a warming, sweet blend of vanilla, citrus + spice

W A T E R // a refreshing blend of citrus, herbs + palmarosa