Celestia Aromatherapy is a woman-owned, earth-conscious company.

Our mission is to promote self-love + self-care through our products– using only biodegradable, cruelty-free, + vegan ingredients. We NEVER use any synthetic fragrances. All our products are handmade in Minnesota, and we use only the best ingredients available, including organic plant oils, organic + food-grade flowers, premium salts from around the world, and BioGlitz biodegradable glitter.

Dani Oulman, the founder of Celestia Aromatherapy is a mother, an aromatic alchemist, an intuitive empath, a wannabe homesteader, a graphic designer, and a cancerian. She lives for finding the beauty and excitement in the little things.

Want to contact us? Send an email to info@celestia-aromatherapy.com